Inspiration Wood Wellness Club

Our Purpose is to serve those who serve. We do this through our mission: to create an environment that inspires others to reach their greatest potential Spiritually, Personally, and Professionally. We offer practices, products and personal development plans to empower you to be the best version of your self. Live in your Sacred Strengths and discover your Divine Natural Abilities with us. Become a Wellness Warrior.

Practices, Products and Places




We are Under Construction

We are rebuilding our business from the ground up. We have a new Gathering Space 2.0 coming soon. We have a Tribe Tipi and a Yoga Yurt. We have Sacred Circles and Ceremonies, Mindful Movement and Meditation, Purposeful Products and Professional Development. Want to learn more about our Programming?



Ron VanSessen

Executive Director

Kimberly VanSessen


Executive Manager

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Lead Yoga Instructor

We are looking for a full-time Lead Yoga Program Directore/instructor.
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Sacred Circles:

We are building Sacred Circles. The Yoga Yurt is complete. We also have a Tribe Tipi ready for Liberation Fire Ceremonies, the Council Campfire Circle and the Gathering Space2.0. Building Sacred Spaces for abundance and more in 2024.