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Ron and Kim

Hi, My name is Ron.  I love to add significance to people's lives by sharing the science of supplementation, the sourcing of sacred oils and supporting the strengths of our community of global Wellness Advocates.

~ Ron VanSessen ~
Supplements, SCience & Sourcing Specialist 
-Degree in Communications
  Acting and Theatre
-Business Banker

Mission Coordinator
Science, Sourcing & Supplements
Nutrition & Science Source
Guided Meditation Host
Meditation Course Guide

Ron’s Strengths:
Restorative: problem solving, insightful
Responsibility: committed, dedicated, diligent
Significance: legacy building, impactful
Harmony: conflict reducing, collaborative
Adaptability: spontaneous, responsive

Hi, My name is Kim. I inspire individuals in our community to live synergistically by developing their personal wellness path, designing their professional plan and defining their spiritual purpose through their God-given strengths.  

~ Kim VanSessen ~
Synergy , Strengths & Success 
-Degree in Speech Pathology
  minor in Art and Design
-20+ years in direct sales

Executive Director
Essentials, Emotions & Enegy
Gemstone Guru
Aromatouch Certified Applicator
Meditation Course Guide

Kim’s Strengths:
Learner: curious, interested, passionate
Strategic: discerning, selective, observant

Responsibility: committed, dedicated, diligent
Developer: encouraging, growth-oriented
Futuristic: inspiring, forward focused
Our mission at Inspiration Wood is to create an environment that inspires others to reach their greatest potential Spiritually, Personally & Professionally. 
We do this for our Oils for Inspiration customers and guests by providing
 programming, products & protocols
mindful of the benefits of essential oils and the power of living the dōTERRA lifestyle through healthy eating, exercise, getting enough rest, managing stress, reducing toxic load, informed self care and being proactive in your medical needs with your health-care provider. We wish you wellness in Spirit, Mind & Body.


INspiration Wood Wellness 

How Inspiration wood was born

This is our journey of hope, healing and a wellness lifestyle.
in 2008, we incorporated Inspiration Wood, Inc. Little did we know, our journey would become a worldwide mission of wellness. Interestingly enough, dōTERRA began that year as well. When we began, we had very limited knowledge of essential oils. I loved lavender for its calming properties and the distinctive smell. Of course, I had heard of Frankincense and Myrrh and Sandalwood, but I had no idea of the health benefits of these gifts of the Magi. Now after three and a half years, I understand the powerful emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of these oils. But that is just a part of my love for dōTERRA. Truly, I say to you, dōTERRA has become a mission for us as a family. Our lifestyle is now very different than it was just over three years ago.

Our children have always been active, we have encouraged them to get outside, play, and engage in physical activity. They have enjoyed a variety of sports and outdoor fun like horseback riding, four wheeling, basketball, football, biking, hiking, swimming, surfing in Hawaii on a family trip, rowing especially, and just plain digging in the dirt.
They had all the indoor toys too, but sitting in front of a screen was just not the way they liked to spend time. They are both interested in cooking, music and serving others. I like to think we did a good job parenting by encouraging such diverse interests. They are well rounded and happy people. Our son is serving as a Marine in the USMC. Our daughter is a rower and nutrition major at Purdue University studying for her Masters. Not all children have the opportunities our kids have had, and not all parents can provide the support their children need to thrive and grow. Some parents cannot even provide the basic necessities like water and food. We love that dōTERRA supports our farmers so that they can give their children educational opportunities. 

We have chosen to pursue dōTERRA full time now. Our passion for this company has been ignited by the many missions that dōTERRA offers. Through the Healing Hands Foundation, Co-impact Sourcing Initiatives and the integrity of the business opportunity, we have found our mission as well. Ron and I are on a path to wellness. We have dramatically changed our eating habits and have started to explore different ways to exercise our bodies and minds with physical fun activities, mindful missions and essential education. We are on a mission to share dōTERRA with the world.