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It was the beginning of a new year.  I was visiting my parents for the Holidays. My mom knew that I was interested in natural remedies for my health.  She had a friend who was using dōTERRA. I called Mary. Got my first kit.  I started with the smallest kit possible. (My husband, Ron was not convinced that this was any different than all the other direct sales companies I had joined over the years.) In hindsight, I should have gotten the biggest kit.  I ended up buying so many things the first few weeks/months.  I just fell in love with EVERYTHING.  Mary is a casual sharer. I told her I wanted to figure things out for myself.  Loyalty Rewards and the dōTERRA website were more complicated then.  I wish I had asked for help.  Stubbornness is not a Strength, lol. As my love for the dōTERRA products and company grew, I knew this was the one. So, I started to share dōTERRA. I joined my Presidential Diamond upline in a pilot program that would become the Live/Share/Build program.  Eventually, it would include the Sales guide and Launch Guide.  I love these programs.  I have developed a program for our team called Earn your Wings.  It is very similar to the Launch program.  We can use either one to help you build your business.  
     Ron will share his story.  I don't want to steal his thunder.  He is a force to be reckoned with. His top five strengths are:  Restorative, Responsibility, Significance, Harmony and Adaptability.  So, he is more relationship focused than I am.  I like to say he is nicer.  So, he is sort of like a Summer Rain or Gentle Snow Storm.  I am more aggressive, or strategic. My strengths are Learner, Strategic, Responsibility, Developer, and Futuristic. I tend to rush in like a Hurricane or Blizzard.  Ron and I balance each other well.  I am creative and fiery and he is more practical and go with the flow.  We make a good team and teach well because we have such opposite strengths.  We love to work with couples to help them learn how to use their strengths to build and encourage each other.  Anyway, back to the story. 
     Fast forward: I had gotten some support from my upline and I was on my way to building a business.  Ron started seeing my checks.  He asked me what they were for. I didn't know. I had a clue, but no strategy or structure or true understanding of the success that was possible.  We decided to go to convention that year.  Ron was hooked on Co-impact sourcing and Dr. Hill's Protocol (now called the Daily Health Habits).  He started using LLV and within six months we were Silver and on our way to Leadership Convention in March of 2018. Ron had lost 60 pounds by then.  He had changed so many things.  He was on his way to wellness and eventually to joining me in this business. 
    WE now both teach.  Ron started to become more interested in what I was doing. He volunteered to learn more about the oils. I said: "Please Don't, I know about the oils. Please learn the supplements!"  SO, he took me up on the idea.  He studied the supplements and now teaches about them.  I have learned so much from his research. We love to teach together.  Before this year we traveled often and taught our team in the Pacific Northwest.  I miss traveling. But, that is another story. Join us on this journey of wellness.  We have a unique business plan that works well for couples and families.  We can help you do this as a team.  It is rare to find a couple with such a balance of strengths.  We have got it. We would love to find out about your strengths & coach you on how to build a team using what you do best.

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