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  • Wellness Weekend Retreats: Quarterly. 
  • Next Weekend Retreat: Divine Natural Abilities February 2024. Living in your Sacred Strengths. 
  • Full Day Spa and Strengths Summits.
  • 1/2 Day Journal/Jewelry/Yoga
  • Guided Group Meditations. Twice Monthly Wednesdays.
Wellness Products/Programs:
  • Personal 90 Days of Wellness Plans
  • Wellness Consult w/First Aid Keychain
  • Aromatouch Massage & Hand Technique 
  • Group Classes and Education
  • Business Education & Training
  • Essential Movement & Mindfulness
Personal Development Workshops:
  • Divine Natural Abilities/Sacred Strengths
  • Maximize Your Tribe & Manifest Miracles
  • Empowered Essential Education
  • Journaling & Jewelry & Joyful Crafts        
  • Meditation Make & Take
  • dōTERRA Builder Team Training
Weekly Programming:
Wellness Wednesdays
Tribe Training Tuesdays
Morning Yoga (9:00a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday)
  •  Mind Body Flow: This class begins with a guided meditation to set our theme. You can expect gentle movement sequences at a peaceful pace moving through a full mind body experience! There are no standing poses. Perfect for beginners and those who want to slow down. 
  • Elemental Vinyasa (Elemental Flow):
    This class is designed for deep, gentle connection. Beginning each class with a drumming savasana and calling in the directions, the class moves through intentional movements that connect the breath and body. The use of essential oils, poetry, music, and mantra will be integrated throughout the practices to layer on the healing connection between mind, body, and spirit. All levels welcomed. See you on the mat.

Experience the Essential Life

Wellness Workshops & Weekends, Yoga Essentials, Aromatouch Application


Weekly Workshops

Yoga, Essentials, Weekly Workshops
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Wellness Weekend


Moonlight Meditation Weekend
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Sacred Strengths Essentials

Empowered Essential Education
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Wellness Warriors

We are a tribe of like-minded Wholesale Members and Wellness Advocates for dōTERRA dedicated to sharing the life enhancing benefits of integrative health and wellness with everyone we meet.  
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van Sessen


Hi, I am Kimmie. I specialize in Essential oils and Strategic Futuristic Development. I am a Sacred Strengths Guide. 


van SEssen


Hi, I am Ron. I specialize in Science, Sourcing and Supplementation. I am a Sacred Strengths Guide.  

Wildflower Sundries

Staff Shopkeeper

Gemstone & Jewelry, Essentials, et


A person who loves the land & takes care of  the property, programming & plants her
Property Manager- found.


A person who can find out what needs to be fixed and fixes it. Finally. Found him. 


Essential Yoga Instructor

Now offering multiple classes a week!

Sacred Strengths

Do you live in your strengths?

Become a wellness Warrior. join our Tribe. 

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