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  • Wellness Weekend Retreats: Quarterly. 
  • Next Weekend Retreat: Divine Natural Abilities March 2025. Living in your Sacred Strengths. 
  • Full Day Business Builder/Strengths Summits.
  • 1/2 Day Sacred Saturday Special Events.
  • Yoga in the Yurt
  • Sacred Circle Ceremonies
  • Tribe Tipi Liberations/fire ceremonies
  • Moonlight Meditation Walks
Products and Private Consultations:
  • 90 Days of Wellness Consultations
  • Aromatouch Massage & Hand Technique 
  • Empowered Essential Education
Professional Development Workshops:
  • Divine Natural Abilities/Sacred Strengths
  • dōTERRA Sharer Travel with Your Tribe Training
  • dōTERRA Builder Earn Your Wings Program

Essential Experiences

Wellness Workshops & Weekends, Yoga & Meditation, Private  Aromatouch Application


Yoga In The Yurt

Yoga, Meditations, Private Consultations,
Meditation Walks, Sacred Circles.

Wellness Weekend


Moonlight Meditation Weekend
March 2025


Personal Wellness Products

Empowered Essential Education
Aromatouch application

Wellness Warriors

We are a tribe of like-minded Wholesale Members and Wellness Advocates for dōTERRA dedicated to sharing the life enhancing benefits of integrative health and wellness with everyone we meet.  
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van Sessen


Hi, I am Kimmie. I specialize in Essential oils and Strategic Futuristic Development. I am a Sacred Strengths Guide. 


van Sessen


Hi, I am Ron. I specialize in Science, Sourcing and Supplementation. I am a Sacred Strengths Guide.  

Sacred Strengths

Personal Development Guides

Discover your Divine Natural Abilities

Travel with your Tribe

Share your Sacred Strengths

Earn Bonus Bucks and Retreat Rewards

Earn Your Wings

Build a Tribe, Serve Successfully

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