I met Emily Wright

Back in the day when Leadership Retreat was in person & not online... I had the privilege of 

meeting one of the founders of dōTERRA.  Emily Wright had a line around the block practically. She had assistants who helped keep the lines moving and gave us some sense of organization while we waited. I was most amazed by Emily's small stature. She has such a large stage presence.  She seems to take up the whole stage as all good leaders do. She seems some how bigger than life...and truly bigger than her actual size. When I met her in person, she was a whole different person.  She got down to my level. She was small.  She was reachable.  She was personable and humble. As small as she was, She however has had quite a big influence on me.  She said some inspiring words, smiled for the photo and assured me that I could reach my goals.  Of course, I will keep reaching until I do. She has a powerful voice and a powerful presence.  It was an honor to meet her and will continue to be an honor to work with a woman who stands up with the powerful men of dōTERRA and holds her own.

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